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Winter Greens – Spinach

Winter Veggies! Often, I have dreamed of crisp, delicious, and vibrant greens in the winter.  Then we built our greenhouse and I have been blessed with greens during the winter for the last several years. Fresh spinach – Drool! Benjamin … Continue reading

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Sprout Robot

Just a quick note.  I found a really fun tool today that lets me know when it’s time to plant.  Yep, I don’t have to research, or worry too much (though I believe in checking my information and modifying it … Continue reading

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I was a Guest Speaker!

I went to an event tonight as a guest speaker! Oh my! We had a good time, and my presentation was based on, “How to supplement your food storage with green veggies in the Winter.”  Food storage is a marvelous … Continue reading

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Is this Fire Blight?

Sometimes I get asked questions I don’t have an immediate answer for.  Luckily, as a Master Gardener, I have learned where to find the information I need to properly answer the question!  My neighbor came to visit me today, with … Continue reading

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Clean Up – Post Project Time

There’s such a thrill to beginning a garden, and then the enjoyment received as the plants grow and mature just continues to multiply.  This year, because Ben began a large project, he got to help clean up after he won … Continue reading

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Blue Ribbons!

Today was SO much fun! We got to pick up our veggies from the fair, and see if we won any ribbons or not.  This was the first year since I was a kid that I decided to enter.  And … Continue reading

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Strawberries – Fresh!

I have a young friend that is in love with my garden! We call her “Aub”.  She came today to pick strawberries, and learn to dry herbs.  We harvested sage, rosemary, and thyme.  Hmmm, those berries look remarkable!  Aub says … Continue reading

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Roma, Then Salsa Delight

There’s nothing more incredibly delicious than fresh, sun-warmed and ripened tomato!  Jamie has taken such good care of my garden this summer, as I’ve been popping in and out in my travels this year.  This garden, and the harvest, I … Continue reading

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Gourds nearly ready for the Iron County Fair!

Jamie checked on the garden today.  While he was watering, he also began to pull away some of the extra vegetation that was littering the walkways in the greenhouse.  As he did, he discovered a really big gourd that had … Continue reading

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Master Gardening

I’m so excited today.  I’m taking the Master Gardener class again!  I need to update my knowledge about strawberries (I have some that make Great Leaves, but rarely produce the quantity of fruit one hopes for in one’s garden. Also, … Continue reading

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