Welcome to Diana’s Garden!

Yep, everyone has to start somewhere, and this is the beginning for me.  I’ve studied plants, square foot gardening, raised beds, and greenhouses for several years.  Some of the questions my children ask made me realize that a blog would be a good thing.  And then my friends (when they knew I was studying to become a Master Gardener) began to ask questions too.  Of course, their questions made me run for the books, and learn something quickly so I could help them.  It merely accelerated my learning curve, for which I was grateful.  So I shall bubble and blog about gardens, plants, fresh herbs, and why they are good for us.  I shall excitedly present the new things I learn (yes, even someone with gray hair can learn new tricks, kids).  I love my garden-hat, the garden-glove, and the garden fountain.

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One Response to Welcome to Diana’s Garden!

  1. L Naomi says:

    Very Cool, Mom! Good beginning.
    Keep up the good work.
    Miss ya…


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