Master Gardening

I’m so excited today.  I’m taking the Master Gardener class again!  I need to update my knowledge about strawberries (I have some that make Great Leaves, but rarely produce the quantity of fruit one hopes for in one’s garden.

Also, I want to learn how to create better fertilizer from my left-over fruits and vegetables.  I have neighbors with horses, so manure isn’t usually a problem – but I use a lot of veggies in smoothies, salads and when we juice. The leftovers I have donated to those with chickens sometimes, but frequently it just gets tossed.

Benjamin wants to learn how to be prepared, and he is on the journey with me to understand exactly WHAT can be eaten right out of the yard, by the wayside, and even in our garden that we thought was a ‘weed’ but is actually a really good addition to a salad!

Can’t wait to share with you what we learn today!

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