Plan ahead for Spring!

There’s nothing quite so splendid as a warm fire, a cup of cocoa, and knowing that you don’t need to go outside until well after spring. However, if you want color in your yard come next year, you will need to get out into that cold. The reward is SOOO worth it.

Bulbs, bulbs, bulbs. One of my favorite is crocus, but my kids really like the tulip. I also love the calla lily. We have to really amend the soil to get the bulbs in the soil they will thrive in, but that’s the joy of gardening, isn’t it? Amend your soil. Then make sure you work it in and prepare it for those bulbs. All this does need to be done before the ground freezes and makes it impossible to dig even two inches, let aloe the sometimes 4-6” a bulb may require when being planted. I actually worry about the rains here, and the mud slide this property becomes. But if you prepare and work your soil into the ideal spot for your spring flowers, you will be thrilled when your yard is filled with blooms the whole of the spring season!

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