Winterize Your Garden-3

There’s no time like Fall for taking an inventory of your tools, and their condition. This truly is the best time to get rid of every over-worked, worn out, or perhaps even broken tool you have.

Make sure all dirt, mud, and debris is removed from your shovels. It sure makes the heart sing when a tool is ready to use, eager to assist you with your chores.

How are your wooden handles? I must admit, my kids (and even sometimes me!) do not always put the tool away immediately. So the wooden handles have become aged with time, and consequently begin to splinter. Our ‘cure’ for this has been sanding down the handle, and making the new smooth surface last with some lacquer spray, or paint. We’ve gotten some uniquely painted items when we ‘let the girls go’!

And, Oh Please, don’t forget to gather in your hoses. We coil ours in the greenhouse in a large circular bucket. If you leave it attached to the faucet, there is a greatly increased possibility that your hoses (and even your pipes) will split and become useless to you. This is the voice of experience speaking, and I hope you can avoid what I didn’t last year. When the water freezes and bursts the hose, it isn’t nice, and tends to be very expensive to replace the asset which was lost.

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