I was a Guest Speaker!

I went to an event tonight as a guest speaker! Oh my!

We had a good time, and my presentation was based on, “How to supplement your food storage with green veggies in the Winter.”  Food storage is a marvelous gift we give ourselves, and I have prepared, canned, purchased and stored much over the years.  What I have learned about this, though, is that I crave green veggies.  I like them in salads, in smoothies, as well as juiced.  I need them! And so, I like to have a “living food storage” all year round.  I guess my topic could have been, “How to supplement your diet with green veggies in the Winter”, too.  We also discussed juicing, and one of my very dear friends told everyone my recipe for alleviating the symptoms of eczema, and how marvelous it was.

We spoke about my greenhouses, which are large production facilities, and how the more land-challenged person could create TONS of food in a tire on the porch. There are window sill boxes, as well as the pot on the porch, that can be easily utilized for green plant life.

These are a few of the questions I was asked – Can you pick a pumpkin if it is still green, and still have it turn orange? Can you freeze herbs? How do you build a greenhouse? You can leave carrots in the ground through the winter, can’t you? What do you cover carrots with in their beds so you can harvest them in the winter?

I shall answer these questions in more detail in my next few posts.  ~Diana

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