Winter Greens – Spinach

Winter Veggies!

Often, I have dreamed of crisp, delicious, and vibrant greens in the winter.  Then we built our greenhouse and I have been blessed with greens during the winter for the last several years.

Fresh spinach – Drool!

Benjamin insists he’s a carnivore.  He’s not into greens (except in smoothies)! But he humors me, and is a big help when its time to care for our growing plants.

In the winter, we make sure the spinach has a second cover – because the greenhouse alone isn’t enough when the weather is -14 degrees.  This keeps the plant protected from the worst of the cold.

Ben helps me bring in the water, and carefully water the spinach and cilantro.  We even have a rosemary plant that manages to survive the winter in our cold frame greenhouses.  That is fantastic!

After the watering chores are complete, Ben gets to choose which of the larger leaves to pick for lunch.  It’s hard to chew ‘greens’ when you have braces, so Ben requests they be in a smoothie.  It works most of the time.  When we add the greens to a sandwich, or a taco, he can eat it.  “Harvest is the BEST part of the gardening process,” says Ben.

Through gardening, Ben is learning how actions, with purpose and faith, create marvelous outcomes. We hope this knowledge is a skill he will use throughout his life.

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