Gourds nearly ready for the Iron County Fair!

Gourd in HidingJamie checked on the garden today.  While he was watering, he also began to pull away some of the extra vegetation that was littering the walkways in the greenhouse.  As he did, he discovered a really big gourd that had been hiding!  Can’t wait to see how it does in the fair….

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Banana Tree

Don’t you feel that you just run OUT of creative ideas to make eating fun, whether for yourself or for your kids? I know I do. So when I saw Roger’s photo, I just had to share it with everyone. I’m going to try and do something similar for lunch. I don’t have kiwi today, but I think a nectarine might be pretty on the plate too.

I tried to Pin this photo from Facebook, but it wasn’t allowed. This says its from Roger Ferrara’s photo album, but I couldn’t find it. So, I’m giving him credit for it, per Facebook.

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A Vegetarian’s Nightmare!

Ladies and diners I make you
A shameful, degrading confession.
A deed of disgrace in the name of good taste
Though I did it, I meant no aggression.
I had planted a garden last April
And lovingly sang it a ballad.
But later in June beneath a full moon
Forgive me, I wanted a salad!

So I slipped out and fondled a carrot
Caressing its feathery top.
With the force of a brute I tore out the root!
It whimpered and came with a pop!
Then laying my hand on a radish
I jerked and it left a small crater.
Then with the blade of my True Value spade
I exhumed a slumbering tater!

Celery I plucked, I twisted a squash!
Tomatoes were wincing in fear.
I choked the Romaine. It screamed out in pain,
Their anguish was filling my ears!
I finally came to the lettuce
As it cringed at the top of the row
With one wicked slice I beheaded it twice
As it writhed, I dealt a death blow.

I butchered the onions and parsley.
My hoe was all covered with gore.
I chopped and I whacked without looking back
Then I stealthily slipped in the door.
My bounty lay naked and dying
So I drowned them to snuff out their life.
I sliced and I peeled as they thrashed and they reeled
On the cutting board under my knife.

I violated tomatoes
So their innards could never survive.
I grated and ground ‘til they made not a sound
Then I boiled the tater alive!
Then I took the small broken pieces
I had tortured and killed with my hands
And tossed them together, heedless of whether
They suffered or made their demands.

I ate them. Forgive me, I’m sorry
But hear me, though I’m a beginner
Those plants feel pain, though it’s hard to explain
To someone who eats them for dinner!
I intend to begin a crusade
For PLANT’S RIGHTS, including chick peas.
The A.C.L.U. will be helping me too.
In the meantime, please pass the bleu cheese.

by Baxter Black

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Organic – but plastic?

This is just a continuation of yesterday’s post. Any thoughts on this? Dr. Mercola has a few ideas, do if you’d like to see what his take on this is, click here.

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Do we REALLY know what we’re eating?

I found this video to be just a little disturbing. The information is good though, because we can look out for this sort of thing at the store. However, didn’t this just make you want to grow your own, so you don’t have to worry about it?

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Master Gardening

I’m so excited today.  I’m taking the Master Gardener class again!  I need to update my knowledge about strawberries (I have some that make Great Leaves, but rarely produce the quantity of fruit one hopes for in one’s garden.

Also, I want to learn how to create better fertilizer from my left-over fruits and vegetables.  I have neighbors with horses, so manure isn’t usually a problem – but I use a lot of veggies in smoothies, salads and when we juice. The leftovers I have donated to those with chickens sometimes, but frequently it just gets tossed.

Benjamin wants to learn how to be prepared, and he is on the journey with me to understand exactly WHAT can be eaten right out of the yard, by the wayside, and even in our garden that we thought was a ‘weed’ but is actually a really good addition to a salad!

Can’t wait to share with you what we learn today!

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Winter 2011

Winter has arrived gently this year, although the wind is as vicious as ever.  Our greenhouses are almost completely shut down, all old plants that survived most of the fall and early winter taken out, and soil amended and resting.  Amid all this activity, and resting soil, I look forward to beginning new seeds which usually starts in February for me.  What will I grow?  I asked Ben that question, and he wants to grow an unusual plant called a ‘snake gourd’.  Well! We’ll have to make sure we get the seeds, so his experience next year will be all he’s hoping it will be.

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Merry Christmas Eve!

Yes, the music is provided by a daughter (years ago) that had just learned a melody on the violin. In spite of its amateur tones, I hope you enjoy the whole video in the spirit in which it is intended. Happy Holidays!

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Cold Frame Crop Survival

Just a reminder that if you’re going to keep those cool weather crops thriving – it’s time to make certain that your secondary plastic covers are in place, ready to protect your precious crops from the brutal weather conditions that come with winter.

I have found that my cool weather crops (lettuce, chard, spinach, carrots, radishes, and even my beets!) survive beautifully with a second protective covering of plastic positioned over them inside the greenhouse. My greenhouse is a cold frame, with no special cooling or heating currently in place – so special care is taken to keep the crops growing (and thus harvested!).

Chat with me about your growing solutions in the face of winter, and how you have handled the cold.

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H1N1-Swine Flu

There are many things that stress us out, and fear is often at the top of the list. So many are fearful of this virus, and its complications. I prefer to be proactive in my approach to it.

First, you’ll find me an advocate of the healthy diet. Eating right feeds our bodies at the cellular level and greatly enhances our immune system’s ability to keep us healthy. “Eat your greens…” is often spoken at our dinner table.

There are essential oils we can ‘eat’ that will also boost our immune system. My favorite drink consists of water with lemon, orange, and grapefruit essential oils in it. Sooo refreshing-and good for you too. (There are many delicious recipes for refreshing drinks)

Second, cleanliness. If you come in contact with an ill person, just remember this simple activity. Wash your hands, consistently. My favorite cleanser is the foaming Thieves hand soap. It will help you cleanse, AND defend against threats to your health and well-being.

An extra boost that will help you defend your home and family is to put some Thieves essential oil directly on the bottom of your feet. (Some persons with sensitive skin need a carrier oil, but we used it straight.) Your skin will absorb the antiseptic nutrients in the oil, and you’ll go to sleep pleasantly surrounded by the fabulous mixed aroma of Cloves, Rosemary, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Cinnamon Bark.
This essential oil blend was tested at Weber State University and found to be highly antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-infectious. It can help the body fight the flu, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, and sore throats.

So reduce your stress level, get some Thieves, and be prepared for a delightful, scent-ful way to combat illness this winter season.

Any questions?

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